At the heart of Writivism’s work is building connections. Our tagline between 2012 and 2015 was “Connecting Literature to Reality”. Our 2016 theme was “Restoring Connections”. In 2017, we celebrated five years by considering the future. It is 2018, and we are now looking back, to consider “Legacy(ies)”.

This website presents a database of writers, emerging and established, editors, publishers, academics, journalists, readers, philanthropists, reviewers, literary activists, individuals, and institutions who have associated with the Writivism Literary Initiative, in one way or another.

The database is arranged according to the various elements of our program. We present:

  • the emerging writers whose stories have won, been shortlisted, and long listed for our fiction, nonfiction and poetry prizes,¬†the readers who have helped sieve entries for the fiction prize and judges for the various prizes;
  • the emerging writers who have attended our creative writing workshops and the established writers who have facilitated the workshops;
  • the emerging writers who have been supported through our online mentoring program and the established writers who have mentored them;
  • the various individuals, and collectives that have been featured as speakers at our annual literary festival;
  • the staff we have worked with as administration, management and volunteers, to run various activities, and
  • the partners who have supported our work through in-kind and financial contributions.

We hope you enjoy looking through our wide network of Africa-based and focussed creative writers and their enablers.